Monstroid - It Came from the Lake 1:21:00 1980
Night Creatures aka Captain Clegg 1:20:00 1939
Night Evelyn Came Out of the Grave 1:22:00 1971
Night Fright (1967) 1:15:35 1967
Night Of Bloody Horror 1:29:00 1969
Night of the Cobra Woman 1:25:00 1972
Night of the Ghoul aka The Ghoul 1:20:00 1975
Night of the Ghouls 1:08:45 1959
Night of the Living Dead 1:36:00 1968
Night Tide (1961) 1:25:09 1961
Nightmare Castle (1965) 1:19:32 1965
Nightmare Never Ends aka Cataclysm 1:34:00 1980
One Body Too Many 1:15:32 1944
Phantom from 10,000 Leagues 1:19:46 1955
Phantom of the Opera (Silent) 1:46:28 1925
Picture Of Dorian Gray (1945) 1:50:00 1945
Pit and the Pendulam (1961) 1:20:00 1961
Rats are coming, Werewolves here 1:31:15 1972
Return of Doctor X 1:02:28 1939
Revenge of Dr. X aka Venus Flytrap 1:34:00 1970
Revolt of the Zombies 1:02:06 1936
Ring of Terror (1962) 1:11:00 1962

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